Social Policy Society

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Welcome to the University of Birmingham Social Policy Society.

As a society we want to reach out to as many students as possible, there is much more to studying social policy than just lectures !

Whether you’re a first, second or third year undergraduate, an MA student in the School of Social Policy, or a student from another school with an interest in Social Policy, our society’s vision is to create a community to enrich your University experience. As well as offering many social events during the year, we hold events such as conferences, trips and outside speakers.

Please support us by becoming a member for just £3. Membership helps fund events organised by the Society and ensures that you are able to attend any activities which may be exclusive to members, and attend others at a subsidised rate.

You can become a member of the Social Policy Society here

Contact us:

Follow us:

facebookUniversity of Birmingham Social Policy Society‘           twitter  @UoBSPSociety 

Social Policy Committee Members:

Paul Williams – Careers Officer

Paul Williams

Magdalena Nowakowska – Treasurer





Francesca Wheatley – President


John Bamford – Publicity Officer



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