Welcome to Social Policy Enhancement; a site which brings together the latest on and off campus events, conferences and services to support the learning and academic development of Social Policy undergraduates at the University of Birmingham.

Here you will find notification of activities and events that will support your engagement with and understanding of, Social Policy. You can access information about support for your academic and personal development, such as workshops to assist with essay writing, as well as activities that will enhance your C.V., such as internships and leadership programmes.

You can also find about arts events, exhibitions and seminars taking place in and beyond the City, which resonate with key Social Policy themes and offer opportunities to challenge thinking and extend your learning. The ‘Events’  pages allow you to browse social policy related events that you may find of interest. In this section you can find events both on and off campus. A list of conferences which may be of interest  can also be found on the ‘Conference’ page. All of these events are made easily accessible in the ‘Calendar’.

The ‘Blog’ provides a generic space to engage in debate and discussion about Social Policy issues; you are encouraged to comment, suggest topics for consideration and send in any blog posts you wish to share – this is a great way to practice writing skills!

The ‘Funding’ tab allows you to download information about opportunities for student-led enhancement projects and access funds to support attendance at conferences across the UK.  If you are looking for careers advice, internships, or information about mentoring visit the ‘Careers and Alumni’ pages.

Contact us:

We hope that you find the site useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, or would like to contribute a piece for the Blog please send an email to Clare Hill at c.j.hill@bham.ac.uk or the Editor at spstudentenhancement@gmail.com. Alternatively, attend a student enhancement drop-in session held on the first Monday of each month 1-2pm in room 912, Muirhead Tower.