Why do good people do bad things – and how should we respond? Developing organisational commitment to compassionate care


Venue: Heath Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham          Date: 8th & 9th June 2015

Cost: £545 (per person for both days including lunch) Please note overnight accommodation and dinner is NOT included. Note 10% discount if NHS Alliance and RCN members

When something major goes wrong in health and social care, we tend to hold a formal inquiry, produce an action plan and vow that such events must never happen again.  And yet all too often they do.

In contrast, HSMC has been focusing on the concept of care work as ‘emotional labour’ (the idea that we all have an emotional bank which we need to keep topped up, and that staff who don’t feel cared for themselves will find it almost impossible to deliver good care to others).  The common argument that ‘giving someone a smile costs nothing’ is true financially – but it isn’t true emotionally.  Perhaps if Boards spent as long discussing staff support and the emotional labour of care as they do the finances and waiting times then the care we deliver might be radically different?

Against this background, this two-day workshop explores these concepts and their implications for how we deliver care.  With a mix of inputs from research, policy and practice, there will be plenty of time for networking, for informal discussion and to build links with other like-minded people.  Please see the attached flyer for  more information.

We would be grateful if you pass the attached flyer to any colleagues who may be interested in attending.

To book a place, please contact Evelina Balandyte on 0121 414 7054 or email e.balandyte@bham.ac.uk